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Vision: digital beauty

There are a great number of visual effects and media available to convey beauty, but advanced illustration has distinguished itself over many years by going the extra mile in its execution. These are stylish, modern works, endowed with taste and sophistication, reflecting the latest trends in the fashion illustration world.

During the training process you'll learn how to:

01 Develop an illustration creation process step-by-step;

02 Find an individual solution for each client;

03 Create a visual language;

04 Create works in the advanced illustration style;

05 Put together a personal media kit and contact book.

High quality

Training materials have been made by an experienced illustrator and provide all the information necessary to create professional artwork.

For a restricted audience

The training is aimed at increasing the quality works made using digital technology. All forms of training include work being checked by the project author, ensuring the information is correctly interpreted.

Individual training
The teaching method is a sign of quality. Works are supervised by the project creator. Teaching is based on an individual approach.


Consistent and timely feedback aimed at developing individual creative qualities, based on the project author's practical experience working with famous magazines, galleries and clients.

Unique experience

The project author teaches illustrators and tutors in design schools and universities from all around the world (USA, Europa, China, etc.)

Effectiveness of training
Teaching quality is backed up by positive reviews and the progress of illustrators who have been trained by the project author.


Zhenya Z.

Zhenya Z is a fashion Illustrator and architect.

Her signature aesthetic, distinguished by its eye-catching colours, elegant, has the ability to capture the spirit of every subject and give it a new dazzling form.Today, she works with world-renowned brands : Condenast, Grazia Italy, Garage NYC, Loreal Paris, Revlon, Mazarine Agency NYC, LFW, PFW to name a few.

Zhenya Z. teaches for illustrators and teachers of fashion design schools from all over the world (USA, Europe, Russia, China, Japan and other).Selected Press:

Selected Press: Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, Beauty Hub Magazine, MBFW, City Celebtrity, Cataloge, Fashion Critic Network, FIDA and other


2021 - Art Fair FIDA (online) - London (Group)

2021 - Vogue III - London (Group)

2021 - Printemps - France, Lille (Soul)

2020 - Fashion illustration - Acid Gallery, France (Group) 

2020 - Fashion illustration - Haze Gallery, Germany (Group)

Official site

Instagram @zz_fashion_illustrator