The online course "PASTEL.FASHION ILLUSTRATION" is a two-week intensive, you will learn to understand and create illustration as art. The course program contains video lessons on pastel techniques, contains the basics of styling and simplifying images. The course author checks all completed work with a detailed

feedback and recommendations.


It is a way to find your unique style in the illustration. Pastel and copyright stylization methods allow you to stand out against the background of a million monotonous illustrations.

Pastel is a living material that was relevant in the last century and the most popular illustrators of our time use pastel.


Illustration made by traditional materials becomes a rare value, it only increases the value of the skill of working with living materials.


Illustrators who work with traditional materials are becoming scarce. The work performed by traditional materials is valued highly starting from 1000 euros and above.

Famous brands and magazines prefer to work with manual graphics.


This is a great opportunity for those who want to make their illustrations more professional. You just have to get knowledge and put it into practice.


Zhenya Z.


artist, member Union of Architects 

Zhenya Z. has been in fashion illustration since 2011. She has significant experience in working with famous brands and cosmetic companies. She is the author of the project "365 days of fashion illustration and go to Paris". Harper's BAZAAR noted Zhenya as a talented fashion illustrator.

She has been studying stylization in the field of illustration since 2017. She studied more than 100 styles, on the basis of which she is currently writing a book. The book is scheduled for release in late 2020. Zhenya's illustrations are presented at the international exhibition "FASHION ILLUSTRATION" in France in the city of Lille now.


Instagram @zz_fashion_illustrator